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Reconditioned Motor 30-Day Free Tune Up Policy & Limitations
  • You're buying a used motor, not a new motor.  This is why you're paying 75% less than a new motor.  All motors work properly when they leave my hands.  But common sense is that a used motor generally carries more risk of down time than a new motor.  If you're concerned about buying a used motor, you need to buy a new motor instead.
  • All motors are reconditioned, with each system being thoroughly evaluated.  All motors are load tested and in many cases boat tested prior to being made available.
  • No warrantees are expressed or implied with the sale of a used motor.  All sales are final, as-is as-seen. 
  • 30-day tune ups begin the day you receive the motor and expire at the beginning of the 31st day after receipt.  There are no exceptions to this policy, regardless of if you have used the motor or not.  There is no discussion in this matter.
  • The original purchaser of the motor was extended a 1 year warrantee by the manufacturer and this has expired.

The tune up covers normal operational calibration and tune-ups should the motor not perform correctly, below it's peak.  This may involve recalibrating the ignition, analyzing or calibrating the fuel system, and minor part replacements. 

I am doing this to try and treat each person as fairly as possible, and if I believe you are trying to 'take advantage' of this 30-day period in an unreasonable manner, I will refuse service.  It's not always about money, it's about treating each other fairly, and that goes two-ways. 
There are dishonest mechanics, but there are a lot more dishonest customers in the world than mechanics.

COVERAGE EXCLUSIONS (not limited to this list):
(this is the same verbiage used on a new motor sale direct from manufacturers)

  • Failure to read the owner's manual
  • Modification of the motor by anyone other than the seller voids this policy in full - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAIRS CARRIED OUT BY OTHER INDIVIDUALS.
  • Collisions with objects or running aground
  • Overheating due to cooling system clogs from debris
  • Not monitoring water pump performance (overheat conditions)
  • Incorrect trailering
  • Unnecessary abuse to the motor such as:
    • Physically beating the motor
    • Dropping it
    • Transporting the motor irresponsibly or unsecured, on it's side or loose to cause unnecessary harm or damage to it
  • Using too much force on tillers, steering brackets, shift levers, or any other component
  • Incorrect fuel/gas mixture
  • Drastically adjusting rich/lean knobs blindly
  • Modification to the motor in any manner other than what is prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Using the wrong or low-quality oils, lubricants, or other normal service chemicals
  • Painting the motor and damaging exterior or interior components
  • Breaking the pull rope due to incorrect starting practices
  • Not changing gearcase oil every 25 hours of use
  • Not fogging and winterizing the motor when put away during cold months or extended periods of time regardless of the time of year
  • Fuel system cleaning due to bad or dirty fuel
  • Damage resulting from the removal of parts, improper repairs performed by you or another individual, modification of the motor in any manner
  • Repairs done with parts of low quality, other than OEM replacement parts
  • Racing
  • Excessively long periods at Wide Open Throttle
  • Abuse of the motor
  • Submerged outboards
  • Water logging due to extreme exposure to elements
  • Improper operation or operation in a manner inconsistent with recommended operation described in typical operator's guides
  • Breaking the manual starter through normal wear and tear
  • Mechanical failure of components due to normal aging and wear/tear
    • powerhead components including but not limited to: pistons, rods, rings, cranks, shafts, gears
    • ignition system components including but not limited to: magneto components, plugs, wires, powerpacks, coils, points, condensers, sensors, kill switches, connectors, junctions, starters, solenoids, rectifiers, wiring, interrupt switches, EMM's (the computer), flywheels, sensors
    • fuel system components including but not limited to: lines, pumps, carbs, needles, floats, valves, filters, injectors, pressure pumps, exhaust actuators
    • Gearcase components including but not limited to: forward gear, reverse gear, clutch dogs, pinions, driveshafts, prop shafts, shift rod(s), fasteners, seals, any gaskets related to the gearcase, any other components related to the gearcase
    • cooling system components including but not limited to: impellers, intake screens, thermostats, telltales, water passages, hoses
  • Replacement of seals, rings, retainers, or gaskets
  • Replacement of worn parts due to normal usage/age
  • Replacement of propellers, cotter pins, or shear pins
  • Damage from rust or corrosion
  • Replacement of Annodes/Zincs
  • Replacement of cosmetic items such as paint or decals
  • Replacement of cowel (hood) hardware, both lower and upper
  • Replacement of knobs or levers
  • Filters
  • Gaskets
  • Bushings
  • Fuses
  • All incidental, consequential, direct, indirect or other damages of any kind are excluded from coverage under this 30-Day period and therafter including but not limited to:  expense for gasoline, expense for transporting the motor to and from my repair shop, removal of the motor from a boat or reinstallation, my travel time, in and out of water charges, slip or dock fees, trailering or towing, storage, telephone, cell phone, fax or telegram charges, rental of a like or replacement motor or boat during repair services or down time, taxi, travel, lodging, loss of or damage to personal property, inconvenience, cost of insurance coverage, loan payments, loss of time, loss of income, revenue or profits, or loss of enjoyment or use of the motor.
Limit of Liability

The maximum repairs performed will not in any case exceed the fair market value of the motor purchased.  This 30-day period is valid only with the original purchaser of the motor and is non-transferable.  The coverage period begins the day of purchase and terminated at the beginning of the 31st day after purchase date.  No coverage will be provided if a sales/service contract is not completed by the original purchaser (completed at time of sale).

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