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Kind Words From Customers
A few nice comments makes my job worth it.  Motors have been sold to people across the region,
and meeting different folks is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.


I cannot speak highly enough about Runner Outboards! Joel builds a great outboard!

I purchased my Evinrude 15hp from him for my 14' Starcraft aluminum semi V.  I have run it at least once a week from June to October. It fires right up every time and runs strong.   You will not be disappointed if you do business with Runner Outboards!  Joel is professional, honest, and personable. I highly recommend him for service and sales of Outboard Motors.

Ben B, Lakes Region, NH

I purchased a 35hp Johnson from Runner Outboards and it has been great from my first call to Joel right up to using it as my daily driver to and from my summer island residence.  Joel took extra time to explain how to use the motor and make sure to avoid unneeded bills.

Paul S., Casco Bay, ME

I leant my bowrider out for July 4th weekend to family and got it back with a with a ruined motor.  We needed a replacement 70hp and the cost of a new motor was too much for our budget, so we went with Runner Outboards.  The replacement has been great and it has been a true turn key experience from start to finish.  Glad I found you!

Peter M., New London, CT

I have been looking for a good reliable motor that wasn't going to break my wallet and am so happy I found Runner Outboards.  Now I just need to get one for my son!  Keep up the good work Joel!

Ted K., Hartford, CT

I brought my family motor over to Runner Outboards expecting to hear bad news, since it has been in our basement since 1982.  Joel repaired the motor and it's like it's brand new.  Thank you so much, my father and I had many great memories together when I was a young boy.  I couldn't find anyone local to help me fix my motor and didn't want to see it go to waste.

Roger C., Springfield, MA

My 18hp evinrude has been great for getting to and from shore from my main vessel.  I love that it's as light as it is and simple to use.  I turn heads everywhere I go!

Michael P., Portsmouth, NH

From start to finish, it's been a pleasure.  We used the motor today for 6 hours of fishing and it ran like a champ.  Glad to have done business with you and I will be telling all my friends.  Thank you.

Nick G.
Boston, MA

I bought a 15hp motor from Runner Outboards and have used it all summer.  I can't believe how fast my boat goes with it, even with me and a couple of friends.  You were right, people ask me about it all the time and I'm keeping it for myself!  Already caught some great bass, I'll send you some pics!

Chris T., Chesterfield, NH

I have had a great experience with Runner Outboards. Joel took his time with me and helped me figure out the best fit motor for my boat. I have a 16' Hyde drift boat and with the transom design made it a little difficult to get the correct motor. I have had the motor since early spring and fished the Hudson River, Long Island sound, Merrimack River and many other ponds and lakes. The motor has run great.

John B., Western Mass

I have purchased two motors from Runner Outboards and have been extremely happy with the purchases,  Joel takes time to explain each aspect of the motor, and any follow-up service required has been handled very quickly.  He wants to make certain you have plenty of time out on the water. 

I have referred several folks to Runner Outboards and I can verify that one of the referred purchased a motor with equally good service.  If you're in need of a top-running outboard for your boat, don't spend the extra money on a new motor when there are great motors available for much less here!

Scott G., Rutland, VT

I bought a vintage whaler for my daughter and was skeptical of paying top dollar for my little one's first boat, but didn't want to her getting stuck on the water either.  After speaking with Joel a few times, I decided to give Runner a try.  He took extra time to show me how to use the motor and even went above and beyond to go out on our boat and help me learn.  The places I inquired with locally wanted me to buy a new motor outside my budget.

I can say after two years, the  motor works the same as the day I picked it up and I'm thankful I went to Runner Outboards.  I have recommend his services to my friends...!

William R.  Fall River, RI

I live on an island on Lake Winnepausaukee, and go to and from my each day for work.  My wife and I use our 20' pontoon for commuting from dock to slip and repowered with a 50hp motor from Runner Outboards.  Our prior motor failed suddenly and we were left to use our small 14' aluminum in the interum.  Joel really pays attention to detail and we are very satisfied with our experience.  The replacement motor has worked very well and we have recommended Runner Outboards to our neighborhood and friends.

Frank R., Lakes Region, NH

My 25hp Johnson has been getting me up and down the Hudson river and I always get comments from other fishermen about how reliable a motor it is, when they owned one themselves.  People keep offering me money to buy the motor but I'm keeping this one for myself.  Thank you, it was worth the drive up from NYC!!!!

John H., Queens, NY

Being new to boating I was hesitant to buy a used motor, but Joel has been extremely patient and helpful explaining how to use the motor and maintain it.  I had gone to a few marinas and they didn't seem too interested in explaining things, and didn't have many small motors that were affordable.  I'm glad I found you!

Stan F., Portland, ME

It was great to meet you.  Your job was something that I grew up playing with. 

Thanks for showing me what the deal was with the motor. It really does show how you feel about helping others and not "screwing" them over.

Steve T., Alton, NH

Just wanted to say thanks for the motor.  I appreciate the extra detail and care you put into these things.  It's great to see someone who really puts in the extra time to make sure these things keep running the way they should.  It was worth the drive just to be able to talk with you about these things.  That info is priceless!

John M., Augusta, ME

The 25hp motor I bought has been running great since the day I bought it, and Joel really took extra time to go through the whole thing with me and explain how to maintain it.  I have owned many motors over my life and learned some new things after visiting with him and talking about the motor when I went to buy it.  I would recommend Runner Outboards to anyone who wants a good motor.

Robert J.  Providence, RI

Glad I found you.  Everywhere I called or visited, they quoted me prices that were outside my budget.  Can't thank you enough. We've been using the 115 you sold us almost daily and enjoying the experience since hookup.  Look forward to many years of dependable service.

Frank R.,  Simsbury, CT

"The 15hp Evinrude runs perfectly. GPS reads 32mph with me (180lbs.) in it. As you mentioned the idle needed just a tweak with the warmer lake water. The engine idles really smoothly.  With the excitement this little 3 point hydro will generate on the lake, I’m sure there will be people asking about the boat & where I got the motor for it. If anyone is looking for an OMC 2 stroke, I will highly recommend you.

Thanks for your help and sharing your expertise!
        -George A., Lakes Region

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