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Vessel Shrinkwrap & Outboard Winterizing
Free Boat Storage when you shrinkwrap, winterize, and spring commission a boat at Riverside Outboards!!!


for vessels 17' or less, when purchasing shrinkwrap, outboard winterizing, and spring start service.
18-20' vessels $100.00 for the winter.
21-24' vessels $150.00 for the winter.
There is an additional $50.00 charge for pontoon boats due to the space they take up.


Outboard Winterization Pricing
(price per outboard)

Up to 70hp
Over 70hp

  Service Details

  • Change motor oil; gearcase, powerhead oil & filter (4-stroke)
  • Check plugs (replace as needed for additional cost)
  • Pull prop & lubricate prop shaft as needed
  • Grease fittings as necessary
  • General lookover (fuel lines, electrical connections, etc)
INBOARD & I/O boat motors are not being winterized at this time, however I will shrinkwrap & store your boat after you have had your engine winterized elsewhere.

Shrinkwrap Pricing

Runabouts $19.00 per foot

  Vessels with a beam ≥ 6 &1/2 feet
$20.00 per foot

  • Premium 7mm durable shrink wrap is used
  • Vent(s) are installed on all vessels, mildew inhibitors where applicable
  • Spring start service includes unwrap boat, dispose of materials, start engine on muffs, give vessel & motor a general lookover.  $149.00
  • $20/pole material recovery fee for boats not stored at Riverside Outboards.  (typically 2-3 poles per vessel)
  • Additional charge for hardtops, towers, racks and non-callapsible enclosures
  • Pricing is vessel length + 3 feet
  • Maximum vessel weight accepted at this facility is 3,000lbs.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice due to unusual inflation and rising material costs dictated by suppliers.
  • Due to the pandemic, material costs have risen by 50% over 2020 pricing.
Please remove all belongings prior to drop off, remove debris and hose out your boat, removing any drain plugs.  There will be an additional charge for cleaning and prepping your boat at normal labor rates if this is not done.

Additional services available for trailers & outboards.

Boat Pickup/Delivery Service
Call 603-210-5095 to schedule in advance. 
  • MERRIMACK RIVER RESIDENTS IN HOOKSETT/MANCHESTER, we'll pick it up from your dock!  
  • OTHER WATER BODIES or from your residence - Call to schedule in advance.
  • PONTOONS without trailers, minimum width between inside of tubes MUST be 46 INCHES. maximum vessel length is 26 FEET.
  • TRITOONS pickup service is available.  Maximum length 26 FEET.
    • Tires free of dry rot, a good coupler, winch, & tongue jack.
    • Boat stern straps, not home depot ratchet straps.
  • $50.00 fee applied for missed appointments. 48-hour advanced cancellation required.
  • A reliable contact phone number is required so I can reach you if needed.

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