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Enjoying a beautiful day on lake champlain in my 14' aluminum cruising at 30mph with a 30hp ETEC.

Repairing a 1968 Evinrude Angler.

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About Riverside Outboards

My business was founded in 2010 when I inherited a 1970 Johnson 9.5hp motor with matching 14' Starcraft aluminum boat.  After sitting since 1987, it had a pine tree growing from the original mahogany bench seat and about 100lbs of rotting, slimy pine needles. Countless hours later rehabbing both boat and motor, I spent that summer on the water and realized how much I enjoyed working on OMC motors.

In 2013, NH Outboards was formed and began formal business operations reconditioning small OMC motors up to 25hp. In 2016, the name of the company changed to Runner Outboards to create a broader name reflecting the slogan "It's a Runner!," a play on the reaction folks have when they start a motor that has been left unused for a long time, and a "tip of the cap" to the durability, reliability, and quality American product produced by OMC (something that sadly is missing in many of today's outboard motors). In 2019, the name was changed from Runner Outboards to Riverside Outboards to reflect the current shop location, with the company logo updated to a more modern appearance.

2019 also marked the next step for my education, I began studying how to work on ETEC motors and took BRP coursework to become familiar with the last generation of 2-stroke motors produced with formal educational materials.  I am happy to provide full service and parts for ETEC outboards.

My personal vessels are powered by the same inventory I sell and span in age from the 1950's through 2010's.  They all work just fine.  They didn't when I first acquired them, but with  service work, they are reliable daily drivers and ones I enjoy using.  I travel regularly with my boats throughout the northeast and run my personal motors the way they should.

There's no reason why you can't enjoy the same experience out of a used motor, so long as you're willing to care for it and learn a little bit about them as an operator.  You don't have to be a mechanic, you just have to be willing to understand the basics, no different than caring for a lawn mower, weed wacker, or chain saw.

If you have an old motor that needs fixing, I'll do what I can to help you.

How The Repair Process Works at
Riverside Outboards

Type of Repair
Functional test: general function of the motor not related to running performance such as the swivel bracket, tiller arm, stern bracket, and motor mounts.
Pump, lines, carburetor(s) cleaned, filters replaced as needed, injectors checked for pairing with EMM.
Impeller & thermostat replaced as needed, digital thermometer evaluation for proper function (supercedes original OEM evaluations) UNDER LOAD
Spark gap strength evaluated, components replaced as necessary (CDI & Magneto systems), remote wiring harness replaced as needed
LOAD and BOAT tested as needed, seals tested & replaced, new oil, smaller gearcases are rebuilt with gears & bearings visually inspected.  Prop is load tested for spun hubs then reconditioned & repainted. 
Compression test, intake manifold, leaf plates, cranks/rods/bearings, intake/exhaust bypass, head gaskets, thermostat gaskets examined, replaced.
Most motors are repainted with Moeller marine paint that resists oil & gasoline exposure, and are in OEM colors.  This generally includes 3-4 coats of paint & 2-3 coats of clear.  New stickers or preserved original graphics.  Reproduction decals available for an additional $110.00.
Fuel & Ignition systems syncronized for best economy & idling; motors run under typical conditions to evaluate real-world performance.  Boat installations have tachometer evaluations for prop size recommendations based on conversations with customer.  Please be prepaired to have conversations about this.  Incorrect prop selection leads to premature motor failure.  TPS recalibrated.
Motors aren't made available until I feel comfortable using them personally.
There are absolutely no warrantees on a used motors - there is no such thing.  I provide a 30-day no-hassle offer after motors are sold.  Click here to read how this works.

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